Post Graduate Courses

Post Graduate Shiatsu Courses

Shiatsu CoursesPost-graduate courses are run to extend and deepen graduates' practice of shiatsu. This Continuous Professional Development is a vital part of practicing any complementary medicine, improving the quality of what we are able to offer through our shiatsu sessions, as well as to stimulate practitioners to keep developing themselves.

CPD Point Allocation

CPD point allocation (stipulated by UK Shiatsu Society) for Shiatsu relevant workshop are 6 points per day, maximum of 12 per workshop.


STRUCTURAL ALIGNMENT SHIATSU  9th & 10th November 2013 
(12 CPD points)
with Char Scrivener & Kate Burford

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Structural Alignment Shiatsu


Structural corrections using soft tissue techniques

Over this two-day course we will be working primarily with the pelvis, and the spine.

We will cover the following:

•  The general treatment principles
•  Treat the whole person
•  Use general techniques in preparation before specific adjustments
•  Preparation is the key to safe postural correction - you cannot over prepare
•  Sometimes preparation work will make the correction

  • Pelvis:  Hip ‘Clearing’ Techniques
  • Assessment and Re-alignment for:  High Ileum, Up-slip (SI joint), Superior PSIS
  • The Spine: Using the Golgi tendon organ reflex test to check for vertebral alignment, and techniques to realign.
If time allows:

The Viscera:  We will also look at assessing the mobility and motility of some of the viscera and the effect they have on our structural integrity.


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