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ShiatsuThe Devon School of Shiatsu offers a unique training, teaching healing on all four levels of a human being, the physical and energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. We primarily contact and work with the ‘Ki’ or energy flow within a person using our hands, which then affects the physical body and its functioning, the emotions, mind, and often the spiritual core of the person. This makes shiatsu a very flexible form of healing, able to help people on many levels.

To be able to help others, the shiatsu student must first learn to heal themselves, and develop their own internal energetic flow and balance. We therefore place great emphasis on supporting students develop their own health through energetic and physical exercises, exploration of their own emotional issues, and adopting a healthier diet and life style. Many students experience greatly increased health during their time studying with the school.

Learning shiatsu involves understanding the rich theories of Oriental medicine about how the body works and development of your intuition especially through the art of deep connected touch from one person to another. The theory gives a profound understanding of how we work, and the touch brings deep healing to ourselves and to the person we are giving shiatsu to.

The school has trained many successful shiatsu practitioners since its inception in 1985. These practitioners are now working across Britain, in other European countries, and across the world. We encourage every student to develop their own individual style of working, using their particular strengths to create their own highly effective shiatsu.

Our Telephone number has changed to  +44 (0)1803 762 598

Devon School of Shiatsu has integrated with the International macrobiotic School.

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The Coach House, Buckyette Farm, Littlehempston, Totnes, TQ9 6ND Tel: 01803 762593